Polydays 2016

Polydays 2016: Integrating function into polymers

September 28 - 30, 2016
University of Potsdam, Germany
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The main topic of the conference is the question "How to introduce different functionalities to polymer materials?". The tremendous need of designing and developing new functional materials originates from modern society challenges to improve the quality of life, to increase environmental protection and to develop advanced technologies. In this respect, polymer science has strongly moved towards functional polymer systems, in which properly designed molecular and macromolecular units act in concert to enable a certain function or action.

The conference is thought to compile three major lines of research towards functional polymer systems: (i) what we can learn from Nature, (ii) how can we make best use of the specific mechanical, optical, and electrical properties of polymers, and (iii) how can we introduce new functionalities through the incorporation of inorganic materials. According to these classifications, the following two sessions are planned:

  • Bio-inspired and bio-based polymers
  • Motion and transport in and on polymers


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